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When it comes to children, dental care is an ongoing process. There are several stages involved, from infancy all the way up through the later teen years, and at Salt Lake Pediatric Dentistry, we’re here to make sure your children receive the proper care throughout.

How are the common stages generally broken down by a pediatric dentist? Let’s take a look at three common divisions, what you can be doing during them, and how your children’s dentist can be helpful within each of them.

Baby Tooth Care

Early in their lives, infants will not have teeth – but this doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be done as far as preemptive care. After each feeding, it’s recommended that you begin cleaning your child’s gums with a cloth. This will remove milk or formula from the gums, limiting the chances of bacteria remaining, but it also has another important function: Stimulating the gums. This prepares them for the arrival of early baby teeth.

Once the baby begins to grow teeth, the program changes. At this point, you should be using a soft, gentle toothbrush to brush these new teeth twice per day.

Preschool Age

Around age three or four, your child will have all of their initial teeth grown in. To this point, you’ve likely been the primary brusher of their teeth – that can begin to change at this age. You can show them some proper brushing techniques, and while they’ll still need your help from time to time, they can begin taking this process on as their own. For children who struggle with brushing past this age, a pediatric dentist can offer some simple suggestions.

Older Children

As your child ages and matures, they can take full responsibility over their brushing and tooth care. By age seven, they should be fully capable of brushing with supervision. By about nine, they should be able to do it without any supervision or hassling at all. Maintaining regular appointments with your dentist will be important to ensuring their mouths and gums remain healthy.

Want to learn more about the basic stages of child tooth care, or interested in any of our other dental services? Speak to the staff at Salt Lake Pediatric Dentistry today.