In Child Tooth Health

Losing a tooth is an important childhood milestone. Baby teeth are gradually replaced with new permanent adult teeth and additional molars also erupt to give a child their full complement of mature teeth. This process is an essential one but it can come with some anxiety. Not all children are comfortable knowing that they will lose their teeth and grew new ones. Here are two ways to sooth a child’s anxiety about this natural part of dental health.

Look for Books at the Library

There are many books available from bookstores and public libraries about losing a first tooth. Some books are great for kids to read on their own while others are best suited for parent-child story time. Reading books together is a great way to start talking about the experience of losing a tooth.

Make a Pouch for the Tooth Fairy to Find

Telling your child that the tooth fairy is about to visit can make the prospect of losing a tooth much easier to think about. Small pouches are perfect for holding small teeth once they have fallen out. Here are some fun craft ideas:

  • Use fabric markers to write your child’s name on the pouch
  • Make pouches in different colors for each child
  • Add iron-on patches and other fun decorations
  • Let children pick out what fabric they would like their pouch made from
  • Help children add their own decorations to the pouch

All you need to make a tooth fairy pouch is some basic craft supplies. Fabric glue, fabric markers, ribbons, sequins, buttons, and other decorative elements will help your child create an artistic masterpiece. Use the pouch each time a tooth falls out or make the construction of a brand new pouch a traditional part of losing a tooth.

Growing Up Can Be Challenging

Growing up is not always easy and some children need a little extra attention when it comes time for baby teeth to fall out. Keep these tips in mind to help sooth a worried child.