Depending on your child’s scheduled dental treatment, their level of anxiety or their ability to cooperate, our pediatric dentists may suggest using pediatric sedation during their visit.

One of the most common types of pediatric sedation is nitrous oxide, which is also called “laughing gas.” In fact, many dentists prefer using nitrous oxide to help their younger patients have an easier visit and receive the treatments they need. Nitrous oxide is extremely safe, and its effects quickly dissipate when treatment is over. This type of sedation allows your child to remain conscious during their visit, follow any instructions and communicate with our pediatric dentists. Our pediatric dentists may also prescribe oral sedation, which involves giving your child a mild sedative in pill or liquid form prior to their visit. Another option is IV sedation, which is delivered directly into your child’s bloodstream. It takes effect quickly, and your child will remain conscious but may not remember the details of their visit.

If you would like to discuss your child’s pediatric sedation options, our pediatric dentists and team will be happy to talk with you. Please contact our office for more information.