If you develop an infection in the pulp of your tooth, you should visit your dentist for a root canal. But what happens when your child has an infection in a primary or baby tooth? If your child has a toothache or a sensitive tooth, call our office for an appointment with our pediatric dentists to see if your child could benefit from a pulpotomy.

A pulpotomy is similar to a root canal. During the visit, our pediatric dentists will remove the infected pulp and sterilize the pulp chamber. But unlike a root canal, the nerve is not removed, and in some cases, pulp that is still healthy may also be left in place. In such cases, we will apply a therapeutic dressing to keep the remaining pulp healthy. Once these treatments have been done, we will place a dental crown to protect the tooth from future problems. This treatment is usually reserved for primary teeth, although it can be used for adults who have a substantial amount of healthy tooth pulp.

An infected tooth can cause discomfort and swelling and, if it is not treated, could eventually require an extraction. We recommend contacting our office for an appointment at the first sign of any problems.