Our pediatric dental services in Salt Lake City, Utah, at our Holladay location, are designed to stop tooth decay before it starts. For parents with infants, we encourage you to bring your child in when their first tooth erupts, and no later than 1 year old, for their very first visit with Dr. David Gustafson, Dr. Jeffery K. Rupp, and our associates. From there, we can monitor your child’s oral development through each stage of growth, be it their primary teeth or their secondary teeth. We will maintain their oral health by detecting and treating dental concerns before they become larger problems.

The best way to do that is to come in for your child’s regular visits with our pediatric dentists twice a year. We offer a variety of preventive dental services at Salt Lake Pediatric Dentistry to help your child’s smile remain healthy, including:

Many parents may wrongly underestimate the importance of pediatric dental care because their child’s teeth will eventually be replaced by their secondary teeth. However, children are prone to just as many dental problems as adults, and detrimental tooth decay can harmfully affect their secondary teeth when they come in and, in turn, their permanent smile. That is why it is important to maintain their healthiest smile from the very start.

We are always ready to help your child achieve and maintain their best smile to ensure a healthy and bright future. The state of their oral health affects their overall health, meaning a healthy smile leads to a happy child! We invite you to contact our office at 385-378-5791 today to schedule their first visit.

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